Black Arch VMware Installation

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In this documentation, you will find the necessary steps to set up the Linux distribution Black Arch as a virtual machine in VMware Workstation.



ISO file download

Download the newest Black Arch Linux ISO file from the official website.

VMware setup

Open VMware Workstation and follow these configurations for a successful installation:

  • Click on File -> New Virtual Machine; a window with the configuration will pop up
  • Choose Custom as the type of configuration and click Next>
  • Choose Installer disc image file (iso) and find path to the downloaded Black Arch ISO file, then click Next>
  • As Guest operating system select Linux and set the Version to Other Linux 5.x or later kernel 64-bit, then click Next>
  • Set up the VM name, path, and at the processor configuration, go for 1 processor with 2 cores per processor
  • Set the Memory for this virtual machine to 1024 MB and for network type choose NAT
  • For SCSI Controller choose the LSI Logic (recommended) and for Disk Type choose SCSI (recommended)
  • Choose "Create a new virtual disk" and set theMaximum Disk Size to 50 GB;
  • Choose Store virtual disk as a single file (or Split virtual disk into multiple files if that suits your needs better), then click Next> and Finish

Now you're all set:

Blackarch installer.png

Your first login must be as:
 ➥ user: root
 ➥ password: blackarch
Afterwards, you may change the password, create new users etc.

Used Hardware

  • Virtual machine in VMWare: 4 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 100GB SCSI HDD