Fritz!Box:USB printer, prints incorrectly or incompletely when used as a network printer

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A USB printer connected to the FRITZ!Box does not execute print jobs correctly. Individual pages, graphics or images are printed incorrectly or incompletely.


Step 1: Printer is not supported by FRITZ!Box

For use as a network printer, the printer must be able to receive data in RAW format (unidirectional RAW over TCP).USB printers that require encapsulated or bidirectional data transmission cannot be used as network printers. This applies, for example, to some GDI printers ("Windows printers"), LIDIL printers ("Lightweight Imaging Device Interface Language") and DOT4 printers (standard IEEE 1284).

  • Workaround
 ➤With the FRITZ!Box USB Remote Control program, you can use a USB printer that cannot be used as a network printer on the FRITZ!Box,
   on the FRITZ!Box:

   1. Connect the printer to the computer via the FRITZ!Box USB Remote Control.

Used Hardware