Fritz!Box: Printer does not print when used as a network printer

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A USB printer set up as a network printer on the FRITZ!Box does not respond to print jobs from a computer in the home network.

Perform the operations described here one by one. After each action, check if the problem is resolved.


Step 1: Deactivating Offline Operation of the Printer

 ➤ Perform this action only when you send the print jobs from a Windows computer:
  • Windows 10

   1. On the Windows taskbar, click WindowsSymbol.png (Start) and then click EinstellungenSymbol.png (Settings).

   2. On the "Settings" menu, click "Devices", and then click "Printers & Scanners".

   3. In the "Printers & Scanner" section, click the printer connected to the FRITZ!Box.

   4. Click on "Open queue".

   5. In the new window, open the "Printers" menu.

   6. If a tick appears in front of the entry "Use printer offline", click on the entry to remove the tick.

Step 2: Disable bidirectional support for printers

  • Windows 10
 ➤ Under Windows 10, the "Enable Bidirectional Support" option cannot be enabled for network printers. It is not necessary to adjust the printer
  • macOS, Linux and other operating systems:
 ➤ Disable the bidirectional support of the printer. For information on how to proceed, contact the printer manufacturer or refer to the operating system

Step 3: Configure firewall

 ➤ Set up the computer's firewall so that outgoing connections to TCP port 9100 of the FRITZ!Box are possible. For information on how to set it up,
  contact the manufacturer of the firewall.

Step 4: Printer is not supported by FRITZ!Box

 ➤ For use as a network printer, the printer must be able to receive data in RAW format (unidirectional RAW over TCP). USB printers that
  require encapsulated or bidirectional data transmission cannot be used as network printers. This applies, for example, to some GDI
  printers ("Windows printers"), LIDIL printers ("Lightweight Imaging Device Interface Language") and DOT4 printers (standard IEEE 1284).
  • Workaround
 ➤ With the FRITZ!Box USB Remote Connection program, you can use a USB printer that cannot be used as a network printer on the FRITZ!Box,
   on the FRITZ!Box:

   1. Connect the printer to the computer via the FRITZ!Box USB remote port.

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