Genome Browser in a Box (UCSC GBiB) Setup

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This article describes the setup of the UCSC Genome Browser in a Box (GBiB).



Step 1

Download GBiB (Genome Browser Store[4])

You will need at least 20GB free space (you can also use an external hdd/ssd).

Step 2

Unzip the file:

  • Windows: use 7zip or WinRAR
  • MacOS: double-click on zip-file (do not unzip via command-line)

Step 3

Add GBiB to VirtualBox:

  • Double-click on browserbox.vbox file


  • Start VirtualBox, select Machine >> Add, and open the file browserbox.vbox
  • Finally, start GBiB in VirtualBox by clicking Start(en); now some updates will be done - this might take a few minutes.

Step 4

In a browser open the Genome Browser by entering the following address:

(avoid using localhost:1234)