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LoPy 1.0: With LoRa, Wifi and BLE ,the LoPy is the only triple bearer MicroPython enabled micro controller. The perfect enterprise grade IoT platform for your connected Things. With the latest Espressif chipset the LoPy offers a perfect combination of power, friendliness and flexibility. Create and connect your things everywhere. Fast.

LoPy Features

  • Powerful CPU, BLE and state of the art WiFi radio. 1KM Wifi Range
  • Can also double up as a Nano LoRa gateway
  • MicroPython enabled
  • Fits in a standard breadboard (with headers)
  • Ultra-low power usage: a fraction compared to other connected micro controllers


  • Size: 55mm x 20mm x 3.5mm
  • LoPy-Mechanical


  • 2 x UART, 2 x SPI, I2C, I2S, micro SD card
  • Analog channels: 8x12 bit ADCs
  • Timers: 4x16 bit with PWM and input capture
  • DMA on all peripherals
  • GPIO: Up to 24


  • Espressif ESP32 chipset
  • Dual processor + WiFi radio System on Chip.
  • Network processor handles the WiFi connectivity and the IPv6 stack.
  • Main processor is entirely free to run the user application.
  • An extra ULP-coprocessor that can monitor GPIOs, the ADC channels and control most of the internal peripherals during deep-sleep mode while only consuming 25uA.


  • Input: 3.3V - 5.5V
  • 3v3 output capable of sourcing up to 400mA
  • WiFi: 12mA in active mode, 5uA in standby
  • Lora: 15mA in active mode, 10uA in standby

Operating Frequencies

  • 868 MHz (Europe) at +14dBm maximum
  • 915 MHz (North and South America, Australia and New Zealand) at +20dBm maximum

Range Specifiction

  • Node range: Up to 40km
  • Nano-Gateway: Up to 22km
  • Nano-Gateway Capacity: Up to 100 nodes

Used Hardware