Passwordless Login method on a mobile device

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Login options on different platforms are very important security components. This bachelor thesis deals with the topic "passwordless login". Is passwordless login now a blessing or a curse? A detailed discussion will be conducted here. The alternatives of these login possibilities are analyzed and presented with advantages and disadvantages.


  • Melanie Kaimer

Used Hardware/Software

  • Android smartphone LG G5
  • Planned implementation with IntelliJ IDEA & Android Studio

Objective and results: practical Chapter excerpt from my Bachelor Thesis

  • To use the pattern lock i need to prepare an App setup:
  • I use a library as an existing framework and so it is possible to check what kind of movements the user is doing and if the validation is successful, the user gets a successful Android toast message. For the pattern view library setup, we need Jcenter. Jcenter is a framework pattern which contains pattern log view. For the design of the prototypical implementation, I will demonstrate how to protect an existing app using a pattern lock.
  • When saving the XML files and running the app, the thickness of the points is not apparent, so i have to change the colors of white background and black dots on a black background with white dots. It is possible to change that with the background operant.
  • One of the methods i need is Listener. Listener is invoked when the user wants to do something, such as moving the screen. Listener starts and then waits for a pattern-like movement of the user on the screen.
  • An error message is either deleted or printed out. It can additionally lead to a locking of the device. Optionally, there are color adjustments or optical adjustments of the lines.
  • The objective of my work is to use a passwordless login method on a mobile device to verify the security of this pattern lock authentication and to show security vulnerabilities.


  • Bachelorthesis 1 (2019-2020)