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Princeton IoT Inspector is an open-source desktop tool to automatically discovers IoT devices and analyzes their network traffic.


  • Operating system: Linux (or Mac OS)

IoT Inspector

The official installation guide can be found on the official web-page

Here a tutorial on how to install the IoT-Inspector on the Raspberry Pi: Princeton IoT Inspector: Installation on the Raspberry Pi

Start IoT Inspector

Launch the IoT Inspector:

cd ~/princeton-iot-inspector/

You should be greeted with following screen:

         Princeton IoT Inspector
       View the IoT Inspector report at:
       This is your private link. Open it only on trusted computers.
       Hit Control + C to terminate this process and stop data collection.


visit the website from the previous output from any device

Iot inspector startpage.png

View devices

Under "My Devices" you will find all connected devices on your network

You can now click on the device you want to monitor with the checkbox,

Or if you want to monitor all devices you can select "monitor all devices"

Iot inspector devices.png

Network activities

Now it will get the network data

you can view it under "network activities"

Iot inspector activies.png

Analyze ABUS PPIC32020 smart security WiFi camera

Connect the camera to the network, click "monitor device" in the iot-inspector dashboard.

Now it will arp spoof the connection and log the network traffic.

Iot-inspector ABUS CAMERA.png

We can analyze the connected IPs more closely when clicking on "communication endpoints"

Iot-inspector ABUS CAMERA endpoints.png

Analyze Technaxx WiFi smart alarm system starter kit TX-84

Alarm tx86 IotInspector.png

We can observe, that the alarm base station is very talkative.

Alarm tx87 connections.png]

Used Hardware

Raspberry Pi 3, Model B+, WLAN, BT

ABUS PPIC32020 smart security WiFi camera

Technaxx WiFi smart alarm system starter kit TX-84