Arduino Install Hoodloader2

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This Documentation is an step by step description for boot loading HoodLoader2 on to your Arduino Uno.

Required Hardware

Required Devices
  • Arduino Uno
  • 3x Female to Female Cable
  • 1x Male to Female Cable
  • 1X 100nF Capacitor
  • USB Cable


The Arduino Uno has Two Computing units on his board. The ATMeda328P works as the Main computing unit and ATMega16U2 manages the USB Connection. Hoodlaoder2 allows to also use and program the ATMega16U2 chip. Hoodlaoder2 allows us to realize Human Interface Device Projects like a mouse or keyboard. This procedure is needed if u want to create a Arduino USB Rubber Ducky with the Arduino Uno.

Disclaimer The Hoodloader overrides the usual Bootloader and it is possible that the Arduino breaks during the process. I do not assume any liability or guarantee.

Arduino CPUs


The newest version of HoodLoader2 and its installation guide can be found at the NicoHood github Page.

Hardware installation

Start by downloading the Hood Loader Repository and remove all cables and accessories from your Arduino Uno Then follow the steps:

  1. Connect your Arduino to the PC with the USB cable
  2. Select the Arduino Uno Board in Tools/Board
  3. Select the Comport that is connected with your Arduino in Tools/Port
  4. Open the Installations_Sketch.ino file which can be found in HoodLoader2-master/avr/examples/Installation_Sketch
  5. Upload the sketch to your Arduino (Ctrl+U) do not worry many warnings get displayed
  6. Wait until the "Done uploading" text gets displayed.
  7. Important: Unplug your Arduino

Wire up the Arduino

Connect all electrical components as shown in the schematic when the Arduino is still plugged off.


  • Cables:
    • Female to Female:
      • 328/2560 - 16u2
      • MOSI - MOSI
      • MISO - MISO
    • Male to Female:
      • PIN 10 - 16u2 RESET
  • 100nF Capacitor:
    • 328/2560 RESET - GND

Burn the Hoodloader2

As soon as the Arduino gets plugged in the Burn will start by it self with out any user input. The burning process will start after a ten second sequence in which the status LED is slow blinking. The LED will start blinking when the burning process is finished. The burning process can take up to 30 Seconds. If the LED is still blinking slow (every second) after a minute, something did do wrong during the process.

Check Installation

Open "Devices and Printers" and press the properties button in the Hardware tab. The switch to the Details tab and choose the Hardware Ids property The installation was successful if as shown in the figure below. Note: REV_0xxx shows the current version of hoodloader.


Software installation

  1. Open File -> Prefrences in the Arduino IDE
  2. Add the into the Additional Boards Manager URLs field
  3. Access the boardmanager with Open Tools -> Board -> Board manager...
  4. Type HoodLoader2 in the search field and install it.
  5. Select the "HoodLoader2 16u2" board in the Tools -> Board list
  6. Select the "HoodLoader2 Uno" 16u2" board in the Tools -> Board / Bootloader / USB-Core list
  7. Select the correct Port in the Tools -> Port list

You can Still Use the Arduino Uno's main CPU by chossing the usual Arduino Board int the Tools -> Board list