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This documentation describes the basic steps to connect to an UART-capable device using Bus Pirate v3.6


  • Serial connection to the Bus Pirate (e.g. using Putty)
  • UART-capable device to connect to

If the currently installed Firmware doesn't support UART mode, check Bus Pirate: First steps to install a different firmware.

UART Connection

Step 1

Connect the Pins of the Bus Pirate to the UART-device:

Bus Pirate UART-device

Step 2

Connect to the Bus Pirate using serial connection (e.g. using Putty) with baud rate 115200.

Type m to start the mode selection.

Bus Pirate Select Mode

Select the UART and enter the settings (baud rate, etc.) according to the specifications of the UART-device.

Bus Pirate Select UART

After setting the correct values, type W to enable the power supplies. Now it is possible to read values using r, send values like ASCII text using "text" and more.

Bus Pirate Test UART

Type ? to see a list of available commands.

Bus Pirate UART help page

Used Hardware

Bus Pirate v3.6 Universal serial interface