Install Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF

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This documentation describes how to install MobSF on Ubuntu.




Enter these commands in the shell

Step 1: System Update

sudo apt update

Step 2: Install Git

sudo apt get install git

Step 3: Install Python 3.6 - 3.7

sudo apt-get install python3

Step 4: Install JDK 8+

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

Step 5: Install the following dependencies

sudo apt install python3-venv python3-pip python3-dev build-essential libffi-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev libjpeg8-dev zlib1g-dev wkhtmltopdf

Step 6: Clone git repository

git clone

Step 7: change directory to Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF

cd Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF

Step 8: Install ModSF


Step 9: startModSF


Step 10: Launch MobSF Web interface


MobSF localhost.png

Step 11: dynamic analysis

Follow the Install Genymotion guide for dynamic analysis.

Step 11: Start dynamic analysis

In Case off an error:

  • Start Genymotion before ModSF
  • If Dynamic Analyzer doesn't detect your android device, you need to manually configure ANALYZER_IDENTIFIER in MobSF/ Example: ANALYZER_IDENTIFIER = ''. You can find the Android Device IP from the Genymotion title bar and the default port is 5555.

Used Hardware

Intel NUC Kit NUC8i3BEH

Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS (64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop image)