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In this documentation we describe the steps taken to install ParotOS onto a system, either physical or on a VM.


  • Media: install image of the most recent version of Parrot Security OS
  • Server: a physical or virtual machine with at least:
    • 2 CPUs
    • 2GB RAM
    • 40GB HDD


Step 1

The images can be downloaded via the official site
to get the version with all available security tools available for Parrot, choose the Security Edition and next you can choose between MATE and KDE desktops(accessed of 11.04.2021.)

You can either run ParrotOS as a Live system or install it, where the installer is a little out of sight at the bottom of the choices:
Install Parrot Screen.png
under some circumstances the installer won't acknowledge the DVD(or image for virtual systems) and can't continue to install. In such a case, start the Live version and install it from there, the option is on the desktop. Or if you are an advanced user, you can enter the shell and take the steps manually, but his won't be covered in this wiki page.

Step 2

The rest is a typical Linux installation:

  • choose localization
  • choose keymap settings
  • choose partitioning and filesystems used
  • create a sudo user and choose its password

Used Hardware

  • Virtual machine in VMWare: 4 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 100GB SCSI HDD