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Type Book
Author Daniel Knott
Language German
Publisher dpunkt.verlag (2016)
ISBN 978-3864903793
Pages 235

Book Description

Over 2,000,000 mobile apps appear in the most popular app stores alone. But are they reliable? Usable? Secure? Far too many mobile apps aren't. As they become increasingly mission-critical to businesses as well as consumers, this must change. But mobile testing and QA demands strategies and skills that are very different from traditional software testing. Software testers must adapt to a whole new world. This book will help them do so.

Pioneering software test manager Daniel Knott explains exactly what's different about mobile testing, offers a complete blueprint for testing mobile apps on each leading platform, and offers practical guidance on everything from tool selection to automation. You'll discover how to:

  • Test diverse app types running on diverse hardware and networks
  • Streamline and automate as much testing as possible, while ensuring comprehensive test coverage
  • Choose the right test automation tool for your Android, iOS or other mobile environment
  • Manage testing for rapid mobile release cycles
  • Test native, hybrid, and web mobile apps
  • Reflect the impact of freemium, paid, and transactional business models in your testing processes
  • Test app performance associated with sensors, interfaces, and battery usage
  • Test on emulators, simulators, and actual devices
  • Test mobile functionality, security, usability, and accessibility
  • Test database access and local storage
  • Drive value from testing throughout the app lifecycle, include the update process
  • Continually improve your mobile testing skills
  • Prepare for testing wearables and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices