Nanoleaf Light Panels - Hacking

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These are the results of a student project regarding Hacking the Nanoleaf Light Panels. The Nanoleaf Light Panel are controlled by Amazon Alexa. The goal of this project was to disrupt the functionality of the Nanoleaf Light Panels through a Man in the Middle Attack. As the functionality depends on external service hosted from Amazon, the communication has been redirected to a computer over ARP Spoofing. After that has been accomplished, a filter was set and the communication to the external service has been blocked.


Nanoleaf Light Panels

Firmware 2.3.0

Hardware Version: 1.6.2

Link: nanoleaf light panels smarter kit

Amazon Echo Dot

Firmware: 618571520

Link: Amazon Echo Dot


Version: 0.8.2


The project was conducted for the course Vertiefendes Wahlfachprojekt in the winter term 2019 by following bachelor students:

  • Ebubekir Öcalan
  • Asmir Turanovic
  • Kevin Falmbigl


Used Hardware