Onion Power Dock

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Name Onion Power Dock
Manufacturer Onion
Link https://thepihut.com/products/onion-power-dock
Specification https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/power-dock.html
Technologies USB, GPIO
Included equipment 1x onion power dock


Onion expansion header for on-board battery management, allows to recharge and monitor battery levels.

The Power Dock allows you to use any 3.7V LiPo battery to power your Omega and then charge the battery when it's out of juice. It has the same form factor as the Expansion Dock and can also be used in the same way: no battery and receiving power through the Micro USB port. The Dock breaks out the Omega's GPIO pins so you can use them to control external circuits or connect Expansion boards to extend the functionality of your Omega.

The Power Dock frees you from wires and allows you to take all of your Omega projects on the go! Onion strongly recommended getting a Dock for your Omega to get the best experience and most performance, functionality, and stability from your device.

Mobility Use any 3.7V LiPo battery (not included) to provide power to the Omega and all connected Expansions and USB devices. Display the battery's charge level on four battery indicator LEDs. When your battery is out of juice, plug a short Micro USB cable (8 or less is recommended) and the Power Dock will charge the battery.

Convenience No battery? No problem! Without a battery connected, the Power Dock behaves almost like the Expansion Dock. You can provide power with a short Micro USB cable and the regulator circuits on the Dock will ensure the Omega always receives the stable 3.3V it needs to operate optimally. Note that the Power Dock does not have include USB-to-Serial chip, so you will need to use SSH or the Console over WiFi to connect to your Omega. See the links below on how to do this.

Functionality The Dock exposes several of the Omega's features to the user: The Omega's GPIOs are exposed on the Expansion Header. Use the header to plug in Onion Expansions or connect to external circuits Connect USB devices directly to your Omega Control the RGB LED on the Dock using the Omega's GPIOs Press the Reset Button to reboot your Omega, hold it for 10 seconds to perform a factory restore Turn your Omega on and off with the Power Switch

Modular Compatible with all Omega Expansions. Extend the functionality of your Omega by connecting one of our plug and play Expansions.

Technical Details

  • 1x JST-PH LiPo Battery Connector
  • 1x Micro USB Port - Power and Battery Charging
  • 1x USB-A Port - Connect USB devices to the Omega
  • 1x Reset Button
  • 1x Power Switch
  • 30-pin Expansion Header

Linked Documentation: https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/index.html