Philips Hue motion sensor

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Trigger your smart lights with movement with the Hue motion sensor. The battery-powered sensor can be placed anywhere inside your home with hassle-free installation.


 ➤ Wireless installation

 ➤ Automates your lights

 ➤ Adjusts light to time of day

 ➤ Mounts anywhere

Technical Specifications

The switch

 ➤ IP rating: IP42

 ➤ Minimal battery lifetime: 2 year(s)

 ➤ Mounting options: freestanding

 ➤ Sensor depth: 20 mm

 ➤ Sensor height: 55 mm

 ➤ Sensor width: 55 mm

 ➤ Software upgradeable: when connected to Hue bridge

 ➤ Zigbee Light link: IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol

Packaging dimensions and weight

 ➤ EAN/UPC - product: 046677473389

 ➤ Net weight: 0.100 kg

 ➤ Gross weight: 0.154 kg

 ➤ Height: 16.500 cm

 ➤ Length: 5.500 cm

 ➤ Width: 8.800 cm

 ➤ Material number (12NC): 929001260762

 ➤ Net Weight: 0.100 kg


Trigger smart lights with motion sensors

Add a Philips Hue motion sensor to your smart lighting system to automatically switch your lights on when movement is detected, helping you navigate safely through your home.

Mount the motion sensor anywhere

The motion sensor for Philips Hue smart lights is battery powered and completely wireless, allowing you to install anywhere inside your home. Place it on a shelf, mount it to a wall or ceiling with a single screw, or place it on any magnetic surface with the included magnet.

Customize motion sensor lights

With the Hue smart motion sensor, you can customize the lights that come on and their intensity depending on the time of day. During the evening, set the motion sensor to trigger gentle night lights to guide you in the dark. During the day, trigger crisp white light to flood your halls.

Daylight sensor detects light

The Hue Motion sensor's integrated daylight sensor detects when there is still enough daylight so that lights do not turn on until you need them. If it's still too dark, adjust the light sensitivity of the sensor in the Philips Hue app to personalize when you'd like the motion sensor to activate.

Requires a Philips Hue Bridge

This product requires a connection to the Hue Bridge => Philips Hue Bridge 2.0, Gateway

Used Hardware