Saleae Logic Analyzer Setup

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This article shows how the Saleae Logic Analyzer is set up.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Software: Logic 2.4.4 (or newer versions)


Step 1

Download the software for analyzing the traffic captured on the digital circuit:

Step 2

  • Connect the wires with the logic analyzer
    • The black wires represent GND which are connected to the lower part of the channels
  • Connect the Logic Analyzer via USB to the PC or Laptop

Step 3

  • Open the Logic 2.4.4 (or newer versions)
  • The device should connect automatically
  • Logic 2.4.4 Start.png

On the right side the 8 channels are listed with colored backgorunds. In this case the Saleae Logic Analyzer 8 provides 8 channels of which each channel can be activated/deactivated individually by clicking the corresponding button. On the navigation bar of the software the category "Capture" is found. When clicking on it, the option "Start/Stop Capture" is shown. After clicking "Start/Stop Capture" the analyzer starts capturing.

Logic 2.4.4 Capture.png