Set up FRITZ!Box 6890 as DSL router

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The FRITZ!Box automatically establishes the Internet connection (operation as a DSL router) when you connect the FRITZ!Box to the DSL connection and enter your personal access data in the FRITZ!Box user interface. The Internet connection can then be used simultaneously and equally by all computers, smartphones and other devices connected to the FRITZ!Box.

The use of the FRITZ!Box as a DSL router is possible on a DSL connection with a fixed line, as well as on an IP-based DSL connection (All-IP), where fixed line telephony is provided via the Internet Protocol (IP) over the DSL connection.

Note: All function and setting notes in this manual refer to the current FRITZ!OS of the FRITZ!Box.


Step 1: Connect FRITZ!Box to DSL

 1. Plug the RJ45 connector of the DSL cable into the "DSL" socket of the FRITZ!Box.

 2. Plug the TAE plug of the DSL cable into the socket of the TAE box marked with "F". If you use the FRITZ!Box on a combined DSL and
  fixed line (analog or ISDN), connect the FRITZ!Box as described in the instructions Connecting the FRITZ!Box to the DSL line.

Step 2: Set up Internet access in FRITZ!Box

 1. Call up the FRITZ! box user interface.

 2. Enter the FRITZ! box password from the bottom of the device and click on "Login".

 3. If the Internet access wizard does not start automatically, click on "Wizards" and then on "Set up Internet access".

 4. Activate the option "Access via DSL / WAN" and click on "Next".

 5. If your ISP appears in the drop-down list, select your ISP. If your provider is not selectable, first select "Other Internet providers".
  If your ISP does not appear in the drop-down list, select "Other ISP".

 6. Click "Next" and follow the instructions in the wizard.

Now the FRITZ! box establishes the Internet connection with the entered access data. You can then configure your phone numbers in the FRITZ!Box and connect your WLAN devices to the FRITZ!Box.

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