Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro

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Name Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro
Manufacturer Great Scott Gadgets
Technologies 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
Included equipment 1x Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro


A passive tap for monitoring 10/100 Ethernet.

The Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro is (electrically) the same as the kit, but comes fully assembled in a plastic case.

The fully assembled and enclosed brother of the Throwing Star LAN Tap Kit. The professional model features the same 10BASET and 100BASETX monitoring devices, ready to use in your kit bag, no soldering required.

To a target network, this little guy looks like a cable run. The passive tap requires no power to operate and provides RX and TX monitoring capabilities for your favorite packet sniffing programs (e.g. tcpdump, tshark, wireshark).

While a Gigabit network cannot be tapped passively, the Throwing Star LAN Tap Pro features two specially placed capacitors that force 1000BASET networks to negotiate at lower speeds, typically 100BASETX transparently to the end user.

  • Use Ethernet cables to connect the Throwing Star LAN Tap (J1 and J2) to a target network to be monitored.
  • Use Ethernet cables to connect one or both monitoring ports (J3 and J4) to ports on one or two monitoring stations. Each port monitors traffic in only one direction.
  • Use your preferred software (e.g. tcpdump or Wireshark) on the monitoring station(s) to capture network traffic.